Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Getting Started

Point Breeze Apartments: Preparing for move-in day 1

So I know I have a lot of people to keep up with once I move this weekend. I decided, after reading and loving Ashley's France blog ,that it's a great way to keep friends and family abreast of current events and news without having to email everyone. Not that I won't email, but I think this is a more fun and interactive way to do it.

This is our blue bathroom. Should be a stark contrast to when we start to move in.

Anyway, it's Tuesday night and I move a chunk of my stuff tomorrow. The last we saw of it, it was gutted: no flooring and things were disconnected and in pieces. It'll be very different to see it now. And even more different once we get furniture in over the weekend. John checked out the digs this afternoon, and said it looks great. There were even a few housewarming gifts from the landlady! Just little essentials. So of course I hope to blog tomorrow evening with updated pictures. Dad and Tara will be helping me haul some boxes and to make it feel more like home. Not that there'll be any furniture, but I hope to get the kitchen and bathroom set up and functioning.

Our living room. Notice the lack of carpet, shades, and air conditioner cover. Again, it'll be quite a difference when I see the place tomorrow.

And our kitchen. The sink is actually rather large, and I'm really excited about the window!
And I know I keep saying "I," but this will be--hopefully--a collaborative blog that John and I will write together. Some posts will be his, and some will be mine, but I hope most of them will be ours. A way to sit down about once a week and spend time writing to you, our friends and family.
More to come soon...