Friday, August 20, 2010


Wedding planning may actually kill me. ::sighs::

There are just so many balls in the air at this point that I can't imagine things coming together. Granted we have over a year, but we're at the point where we need to start whittling options. I really believe that you can have a beautiful wedding on a small budget. I also believe, and am fast finding out, that to do so successfully takes about five times the effort having lots of money to throw around takes. Money makes problems go away. We don't have oodles of money, but we do have a strong set of problem-solving skills. haha Let's hope they help.

Simply choosing a location is hard enough. I'm not talking about a reception site, I'm talking about a geographic location. We're basically down between a Bordentown-central plan or a Sandy Hook-central plan. Either of those means at least a half hour commute between ceremony and reception, and while not uncommon or unreasonable, certainly something to consider and take into account with the day's agenda. I also have to remind myself this is really the only time I can be demanding of people, and ask them to be inconvenienced for like 24 hours. So there!

Maybe it's all also overwhelming because it's all still hypothetical. We don't have a ceremony site to work with yet. We don't have a reception location to work with yet. We're interviewing and contacting places, crunching and recrunching numbers every time we talk to someone. I'll feel better when things are in progress and there's an actual goal in sight.

I know everyone will have a good time in the end and we'll be proud that we survived it (and we will celebrate with a sweet, sweet cake!). I have to keep that in mind as I'm pulling my hair out.