Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I still feel compelled to draw a pumpkin in my "O" every time I write out October.

I'm home sick today, recovering from a massive, all-day allergy attack on Sunday. I muscled through work yesterday because it meant, at the end of the day, going to Barnes and Noble and meeting Alton Brown as he launched his new book tour. He was literally what made me get out of bed and go to work. Having taken care of the Monday business, however, I felt okay about taking off if it means resting and actually feeling better rather than continuing to simply fight my way to 5:00.

So, yes. Mr. Brown. We got there right at 5 when seating started, and nabbed seats in the 3rd row! Then I started worrying. What if he was a jerk in person? What if he literally looked and acted like he wanted to be anywhere but here? But as we talked excitedly about him, his shows, books, recipes, general wonderfulness, the anxiousness started to go away. Around 6:40, the B&N lady said she just got confirmation they were entering the area, and would be here to promptly start at 7, as planned. Everyone started buzzing and craning their necks to try and be the first to spot him. When he was announced, everyone's butts left their seats, and there he was...every bit as handsome and charming as he is on TV. Maybe more so.

The format was simply a Q&A. He arrived, coffee in hand, assistant in tow, and rather than sitting stiffly, he grabbed the mic, and walked around, talking with everyone, relishing the kids' questions, and really just appeared to be enjoying the energy of the room. It was fantastic. Then he did autographs and photos once the chatting was done, and he made a point to personally go to the families with small children first so they could get off on their way--it was a school night, after all. What a gentleman.

Favorite quote of the evening? Upon talking to a strict vegetarian in search of non-fish ways to take in iodine, Alton said, "I understand. I really am a vegetarian, too. I just get most of my vegetables...through a cow." Sitting with my vegetarian (though pescatarian) friend, we both whipped out our notebooks and jotted that gem down. haha

It was a great night, but my allergies were flaring again, and I was grateful the autograph line moved fast and I was home before nine.

In other news, John has been away since Sunday night at a conference in Atlantic City. It's been lonely, and I'm glad he'll be home tomorrow night after class. I have to say it's been nice to have 100% control of the TV and house, and Hammy's been on his best behavior (maybe he thinks John's return is contingent on him NOT yowling at 4:30am for food) and been my little shadow. But John is enjoying the conference, is learning a lot, and is apparently enjoying some good eats of his own. : )

That's all for now. Pumpkin picking soon! Whoo hoo!