Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Christmas was, again, wonderful, and full of time with families, good food, and good presents. Big wins are the Wii Santa brought us, a Flip video camera from the in-laws, and a nice assortment of smaller awesome objects (lots of textured tights, Christmas wine glasses, wine to put in the glasses, CDs, clothes, gift cards, and lots I'm forgetting at the moment).

Christmas Eve was up at John's aunt and uncle's, and is always a relaxed and good time. We then went to midnight mass in town, and though we were sleepy, the church looked beautiful--poinsettias everywhere you looked, four trees on the alter, and huge swags hanging on each pillar. I wish I had my camera. It was pretty breathtaking. We then walked home at 1AM, and promptly passed out, leaving the trees on to guide Santa.

Christmas Day was at my parents' and Boxing Day we went to Casa Branin. And thus began our phase of vacation in which we were snowed in. Some 12 inches, loads of wind, and a day without plowing later, cabin fever was setting in, even with all our cool new toys. It wasn't until today we were able to get out and about in the world. We had a nice breakfast date at Panera, then set out for some shopping for the weekend, which we will spend at my friend's. Happy to ring in another new year surrounded by people I love. And what a year 2011 will be.

2011 was run in in Maryand at my friend's apartment. It was a nice road trip with John, and it was great to see Dana for the first time since the summer, and to see her new home and get a little tour. Sadly, the weather didn't cooperate with our original plans, and we had to stick indoors most of the time, but that was okay, too.

So happy January, all, and happy 2011.

More to come.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Season in Pictures

Welcome home:

Hammy's Tree:
Big tree:
Gingerbread house:

Not necessarily Christmassy, but here's our new dining room set:

From Frost Fest at Dillon Gym at Princeton U:

And from Saturday, the tree at Rockefeller Center:

Less than 2 weeks and counting! More pics to come as Santa gets closer.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Christmas has once again come to Bordentown, as John and I prepare for our first Christmas in our (not-so) new apartment, and for our last Christmas before we're married. Weird thought.

This year we sprung for a 6.5 foot (artificial) tree since we finally have the space for it. It's decked out with lights, red, green, gold, and silver ornaments, and gold garland, despite John's protestation (I win!). We also have a fluffy red tree skirt, that Hamlet has claimed as his new favorite bed. Saw that one coming. Our door is decorated with a live balsam wreath purchased through our church, and man it smells so delightful. It just feels so much more like home this time of year when everything is shiny and happy and welcoming.

Shopping is almost done, I'm planning my baking, and we're planning our holiday travels, which will finish with an exciting getaway to visit Dana in her new home and new state of residence! I get a nice heap of time off work, my first vacation since I started here back in May--that's right. I'm well overdue, and totally ready for it. I've been doing a bad job of taking care of myself, so it'll be nice to stop for a while and catch up on a little gal named Maureen.