Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Probably-Stupid Observations

After watching this time lapse video of Reunions Weekend and Commencement activities on Princeton's campus, it's kind of mind-blowing to summarize my life in a likewise fashion.

In short, it's amazing to think that not so long ago, I had to ask my parents to drive me to friends' houses, ask them for money, ask them permission for pretty much everything. Then college came and offered new freedoms--my own car, my own schedule, and less asking for things. Finally, I got a big girl job, moved out from under their roof and under one with my boyfriend. We got engaged. We got married. Now we're planning to buy a house.

I have friends who have houses of their own, and we sit in their own backyards, bar-be-queuing and sipping beer or wine or whatever. I have friends who have kids I'll get to watch grown up.

It's one of those moments where time feels elastic: I'm 7 and 17 and 27 all at the same time.