Monday, February 27, 2012

Just Updates

My birthday and Valentine's Day have come and gone, and so, too, has February. I can't believe we're on the verge of Leap Day already!

Valentine's Day also brought about John's and my 7-year anniversary as a couple. Now that we have our wedding anniversary to celebrate, Vday/anny has taken a back seat, but it's still nice to celebrate in a small way and acknowledge how much has changed since we first got together all those years ago.

I had a hearing that night (boo) and John had class (double boo), so I went out to dinner with a friend, who's significant other was also not around. It was nice to be in good company, even if it wasn't with the people we truly wanted to be with. John and I celebrated early the previous Friday by going to a winery tour and wine tasting at Valanzano's Winery in Shamong. It was nice, and the wines were yummy. We each got small bottle to take home, and we bought a bottle of their sangria to have with our 20-pound turkey and 9 house guests that weekend.

I also celebrated by baking some fun cookies, seen below, while Hubby was in class that Monday night. I had had the squirrel cookie cutter for a few years, and John got me the acorn one as art of my bday gift in January. I packed some away for my best gals at work, and made John a special little package of them for a sweet treat to take to class on Vday.

And now I'm here, cuddled on the couch with little kitten. He had a vet check up today, just his annual exam and vaccinations, but it was discovered that he has a very very mild UTI as well as some tiny crystals in his urine. They're not sure if the crystals are due to the infection, or if it's the very first onset of a prolonged crystal problem that unfortunately is common in cats. He's got 2 weeks of antibiotics to take, and then a re-check and we'll see. If they're gone, then it was likely due to the infection and we'll just have to keep a special eye out for them in the future. If they're still there, then treatment simply means changing up his food to help prevent them. Sigh. Otherwise, though, he's the very picture of health. He's happy as a clam to be home, and just seems his usual self. Waiting til John gets home to give him the meds, though, as I had failed attempts at doing it myself earlier.

As March and spring approach, I'm thinking about my garden, about Commencement at Princeton, and about summer, which will bring John's and my triumphant return to Las Vegas when we visit my aunt and uncle for a week in July. Gonna. Be. Awesome.

Also looking ahead we have a few family birthdays, I have some teas to look forward to with various girlfriends, and John and I have a brunch at Laurita winery at the end of March. I do loves me some brunch!

With that, fair friends, I leave you until next time. Hopefully it won't be as long a lag! Sorry about that.

Oh, yeh...PS: countdown to Hunger Games is now less than a month! I already got our tickets, and we're having a tee-shirt making party next week with some fellow friends/fans in preparation for opening weekend. Oh, yeh!