Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Life of Cat Ownership

So, Hamlet is very intelligent. Too intelligent for his own good most of the time. For instance, we cannot let pots and pans soak in the sink unattended because Hamlet will see them as tasty watering holes. And we usually know he's up to no good out of sight by hearing him, specifically his name tag, clanking against said watering hole. But another of his favorite games to play is "Climb Mommy's Closet."

This is a game where he will attempt to leap onto the top shelf of my closet any time the door is open. No matter where he is in the house, he'll hear the door slide open, bolt in, and start thinking about how best to get up there. He has managed this on more than a few occasions, most impressively after jumping over my shoulders from the night stand and landing with a soft thud on my folded pile of sweatshirts. He also knows how to open the doors, and can let himself in to play around with my hamper and yoga bag. We know he is opening the door because we'll hear him pawing at it, which is pretty loud as the door rattles in its track.

Tonight, though, his logic was tested. I heard him banging around in the bedroom, and knew he was attempting to open the closet door. It went on for a while, then John and I got annoyed enough that I went to investigate. Now, John is currently in the office, where his closet is, and I was (and am) in the living room. I was slightly confused when I went into the bedroom and flipped on the light, and saw no kitten. If he was banging at John's closet, he would have chased the little furball away. So I opened my closet and found my hamper had been knocked over, and Hammy had gotten into the closet, closed the door, and couldn't figure out how to open it again from the inside to get out... ::forehead slap:: Oy.

And now he is howling because he drank soapy pasta dish water, and probably has a belly ache. Happy Wednesday, all!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

John's 26th Birthday Weekend

We kicked off John's birthday weekend this morning with a surprise trip to the Battleship New Jersey in Camden. We did the self-guided audio tour, which was fun cuz we pretty much had the area of the ship that our tour covered all to ourselves. And fear not fellow claustrophobes--as this is a "city on the sea" it was actually really spacious, and not really crampy at all. So I was happy. Here are a few pics from our adventure.

Can you find John?


I see zem, Cappy-tin!

C-wiz: 20mm rounds, 3000 bullets/minute.

Up next is lunch with the in-laws in Barnegat tomorrow to celebrate, then a quite celebration Monday on John's actual birthday. Lots of fun. : )

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Here are some new Hammy tidbits. In case you are lacking. : )

Hammy's alter-ego, Mysteriso, likes to hide behind curtains.

Snuggling Daddy.

Heat Wave: April 2010

Whew, it's hot out there! I've been taking advantage of the warm weather to open the windows and enjoy the outdoors. John and I even ventured to Howell Living History Farm to soak up some sun.

Also, the poem a day challenge has been going relatively well. : ) I'm chugging along quite nicely.

Lambie luncheon and nap.

The oxen received hair cuts in the morning in preparation for warm weather.

It's almost like we weren't in NJ anymore.

This lamb just really wanted to win the fight against this husk.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Showers

Happy April, Happy April Fool's Day, Happy Easter, and Happy National Poetry Month!

I'm glad to see March go because hopefully the coldest weather is behind us. John and I have plans to garden outside in the vacant beds where there are just a few bushes, and I wanna get a few container gardens going, too. Also, I want to open my windows and let nice warm breezes come in rather that brisk, chilly ones.

Easter is upon us, and Sunday we will travel, as always, to John's grandparents' to have a small holiday. I'm all about low-key family gatherings because they're much more conducive to catching up and talking. It'll also be fun because we just locked up our bridal party over the past week, and John's sister is VERY excited to be a junior bridesmaid. I'm just looking forward to a nice day with nice conversation and enjoying being happy and surrounded by family and not worrying too much about the harder things in life these days.

Today, however, kicks off National Poetry Month, and I have been encouraged to undertake the challenge of writing a poem a day. I am accepting this, with the stipulation of not beating myself up too much if I fall a bit behind. But I made a list of prompts in case I'm feeling less than inspired, and have already written an inspired poem today. I also carry a notebook and about 12 pens with me at all times as a general rule, so should inspiration strike at a less-than-opportune time, I'll be ready.

In other news, my house smells like a delicious mix (except for Honeydew) of candles. I had a PartyLite show recently with Tara, and the orders arrived yesterday. Everyone's stuff is packed and ready to be distributed. I've already got my pillar garden on the dining room table, and have Apricot Daisy votives in the living room and Tropical Waterfall in the bathroom. Mmm! I'm glad to finally not be burning my Christmas candles cuz that was all I had! I was quite over pine trees.

So with this, I leave you with wishes for a happy spring, a happy weekend, and a happy holiday!

Till next time!