Sunday, June 12, 2011

I owe you pics!

I FINALLY uploaded my photos from my new is a small sampling:

At Renault for a pre-Father's Day brunch:
John, in his vinter best.

A kind gentleman who didn't know how to work my camera took our pic. My dad looks like he's eating the statue. I promise you he's not.

Some Princeton shots:

Pudgie budgie on a bench.

This is Meatball, our office's domesticated squirrel. He's finishing an apple I left for him. He's clearly loving it.

Prospect Garden in full bloom.

Oh yeh, it's been really HOT:
Hammy does not approve.

In other news, John and I bought our wedding bands yesterday--I can't wait to get them! It'll kill me knowing they're here but we can't wear them. Oh well. Before we know it the wedding'll over and we'll be on our way to Disney, starting our life and Mr. and Mrs., and we'll both get to wear and look at our rings every day FOREVERRRRR! muah ha ha Seriously, though, we're both really happy with them, and I will post pics for all to see AFTER they make their debut on 11/5/11. : )

That's all for now. There are some exciting events on the horizon, like a New York City trip next weekend, and a few friends' gatherings. Ah, summer.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Hooray! Taking my first vacation day of the summer today, and it's glorious. Most of the heat has broken, I'm doing laundry, I got my new drivers license, and I may--if I'm feeling so motivated--even go down to the florist in town to talk wedding flowers.

Sunday, John and I are meeting Mom and Dad at Renault for an early Father's Day brunch. Yum! We'll then go on a tour of the winery, and Mom and I will do a tasting. After that, John and I may go down to Stockton to walk around for a while is the weather is nice enough.

For now, it's lunch time. And about those pictures...I'm working on migrating files to this lovely new machine, and will upload my camera software soon. Hopefully I can even use the editing software that came with our Flip old comp was like, "Ahhhh, new technology...does not compute!" Poor thing.

TTFN, all.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Checking In

And the season of crafting begins!

The semester is finished at Princeton, and summer is in full swing--well, as fully as it can swing at the beginning of June. We're on our summer hours, the students are gone, and vacations are beginning. It's like we can all finally breathe.

It's getting hot, which is another sign summer is coming. Hammy is getting lazy, and has taken to sprawling out on cool surfaces. I feel bad for him in the heat...he's so floofy! But he still loves all the snuggles he can get.

Wedding plans are chugging along, and it's now getting down to the details. We just picked up the beginnings of our centerpieces. We're starting to think about music for the reception, having settled on a DJ. I need to make my first fitting appointment soon, and I seriously need to up the ante on my search for shoes. It's suddenly starting to feel like crunch time for real--we're now less than 5 months away! Eeep!

I'm also proud to announce that I'm writing this on my new laptop! After suffering a dying processor for more than a year, I finally shopped around and landed this beauty. It's so wonderful when things work as they're supposed to. : ) It's especially nice to use a laptop when it's hot out and not have it overheating and burning your thighs through your jeans!

So that's all for now, I think. Just checking in as I settle into summer.

Until the next update...

PS: I also recently got a new camera, but was waiting to get the new computer before loading the software, so I promise to have some pics up here soon...I have much to post!