Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Navigant Softball Season starts 1-0!

Yes! We won our first softball game today, 9-8! Wahoo! I, of course, was up at bat on the final out every time, but at least I got a hit each time (even if it was a foul, a foul, and a grounder). I made it to first on the grounder, but sadly the ball beat me to the base. But hey, I touched 1st! haha Next week maybe I'll make it to 2nd.

So, yes. It was a lot of fun--most of my friends are on the team--and the weather was kind to us...not too hot, sunny, and clouds and a cool breeze rolled in toward the end. Here are some pics from game 1 (photography courtesy of John):
Throwing practice with Kevin, out of frame.

Sports card pose! haha Too bad I suck at batting. I think this was my first up. Upon which two balls were thrown and I was out already...who knew you only get 2 strikes in softball? Hmph.
Whoo hoo...on my way to first...bah! Grounded out. I'll get em next time.

Also, please enjoy this ridiculously acrobatic squirrel from Veteran's Park on Monday afternoon:

Till next time...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's a two-for night!

Shortly after the previous post, I ventured over to Cheezburger, and while I enjoyed the kittehs, Hammy discovered the wonder of the interwebs...please do enjoy:

An Attempt at Art (no pun intended)

Please forgive the crudeness of the drawings, but I've taken to stick figure sketching lately (as my desk at work can testify) in a series I call Black and Red--for obvious reasons. : ) Please enjoy "For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her" inspired by the Simon and Garfunkel song.

This isn't my favorite recording, but for lack of energy to scour YouTube all night, I give you this also wonderful rendition:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mini Post/Swoon

Please excuse my near monthlong absence. But here I am, alive and well.

Even though lots of things have been going on, I feel like I've got nothing to say. So maybe I'll first talk about (gasp!) the new Star Trek movie, which was rather effing amazing. Now, I'm not a Trekkie by any stretch. My association with show is basically this: I know the cliches like Beam me up; Live long and prosper; and the major characters. My interest was piqued, however, as soon as I heard Zachary Quinto would be playing Spock. Let me just say my ears got a little pointier at the prospect. John was immediately excited (he loves him some USS Enterprise), and I said I'd gladly tag along to see it (insert alterior motive here). All that said, I thought it was a FANtastic action movie. You didn't need a well-versed background to follow the plot (you just miss out on the inside jokes and references). We saw it in IMAX on opening night, which made it that much cooler. It was not only visually awesome, but the wit was great--I was cracking up at the often dry humor of the characters. And, yes...Mr. Quinto was just a dream. I later learned that he was coached by Leonard Nimoy while filming, a luxury none of the other actors had unless I am mistaken. So you must all go see it, even if it's only to drool over the sexy cast, whomever your Trekker of choice may be.

Also, I'm excited to go to the Philadelphia Zoo on May 30! I've been wanting to go since last fall, but we literally kept forgetting to plan it. So now we have a date and it's on the calendar, so no excuses!

Later this month, too, I will start playing softball on my company's team! Pictures and medical bills to come, I'm sure. haha I think that's all for now! See you all next time!