Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day!

My birthday gift from Princeton? Early dismissal yesterday and a full-fledged snow day today! Whoot! Just a half day tomorrow and then it's party time. : )

Stay warm, stay safe.

Happy snow day!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Merrily We Roll Along...

January is coming to a close, meaning my birthday is now a mere 7 days away, and we're another month closer to W Day.

Last weekend I bought my's strange to now have an actual image of how I'll look. I always had a kind of fluid idea, but now I can really picture myself walking down the aisle at the church, dancing at the reception. The dress is mercifully comfortable and I had a really great consultant who was like an extra Mommy--she took such good care of me, my mom, and Tara. We had a really fun day, and I was just really impressed with the whole experience. I even came in well under budget--more money to go toward another aspect of the day. It was a win-win. haha

I think my favorite story involving the dress so far actually involves my dad. When Mom took it home, she went to hang it in the closet, but the bar wasn't high enough, and so I guess it sagged on the floor a bit (safely tucked in its garment bag, of course!). I want to digress a moment to add a note about my dad. He and I have taken quite some time to get to where we are now--when I was younger there was a lot of not understanding him (I'm sure that went both ways), and so it was hard to forge any true sort of relationship. I think a lot changed when I was in college, and since moving out we've developed a much easier relationship, which makes me really happy--conversation comes easier, and I think we relate to each other better, and probably respect each other more since we're not piled on top of each other in the same house anymore. This is a pretty typical story of children growing up and growing closer to their former rivals.

That said, my dad is still not a very vocal man when it comes to emotions--he's always been sentimental, but has also always chosen to show rather than tell. For as long as I can remember, he has always brought my mom Just-Because flowers and takes time to pick just the right card. So his daughter's wedding dress on the ground wasn't quite good enough. He ran out to the store to find a hook to fix in the ceiling in the corner of my (former) bedroom to hang it.

I know it's small and kind of silly, but that is one of my dad's ways of saying I love you in way that's been difficult to say in voice. I love you, too, Dad, and I hope I make that clear every day. That said, it's still not okay if you step on my train! ; )

Also coming up is my 25th birthday. I told John instead of a party this year, I'd much prefer a getaway weekend since we haven't had a vacation since Las Vegas, and won't have one again til the honeymoon. So we thought a bit about Atlantic City and The Hotel Hershey, but John found an amazing deal for winter getaway at Renault Winery, and we jumped on it. It includes a 6-course dinner, champagne brunch, a winery tour and tasting, and take-away bottle of champagne. Sounds good to me! I can't wait. I even took a half day this coming Friday to start the celebration a bit early. I'm very glad my birthday will be on the weekend next year, too. Bday 27 will be on a Monday, though--yucko. But one thing at a time.

I think that's about it for now. Just enjoying the winter and hoping Tuesday's storm will yield a SNOW DAY! Jammies inside out, everyone, and think snow. : )

More to come, friends. Til next time.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Let It Snow

As the first big snowstorm this winter happened while I was on vacation, I missed seeing Princeton blanketed. Today's snowfall won't be nearly as eventful, but just enough to make everything look like gingerbread houses. Okay, gingerbread mansions.

I haven't seen much else of campus yet, but hope to snap a few more pics when I venture out for lunch in one of my favorite Hogwarts-esque buildings.

For now, I can't really complain cuz every time I turn around and look out my window, this is what I see:

Happy winter everyone.