Friday, July 30, 2010

Mini Vacation

So I took today off as a mental health day. After basically winding up in tears the last three Fridays, I was motivated to take off partially by fear of going 4-for-4, and partially by necessity. I just plain needed a break. I can't say I haven't been jealous of all my coworkers' vacations, so I decided I'd like a little time, too.

But I forgot that I suck at doing nothing. I could never be a staycation girl. I was almost more stressed sitting at home with nothing to do than if I had to be locked in my office to protect myself from a lunatic parent (as I had to do two weeks ago). The day started with a ticket. I was parked on the street, and on Fridays, there's a sign that says a street sweeper comes between 10AM and 11AM and you can't park on our side of the street during that time. Now, having been home for many, many spring Fridays, I had never once seen a street sweeper. I thought maybe it was an old sign since I had yet to see this damn vehicle. Well, of course the day I take off, I'm there parked on the street, sweeper comes, and I (as well as the car behind me) get ticketed. Damnit. My day off just ate $17 out of my pay. ::sighs::

In other news, I had an AWESOME yoga class last night. The last three weeks, it's been just me showing up, so I've had private lessons. Which is awesome cuz we can just kinda do what we want and not have to worry about less experienced classmates. Not that mind, but I'm definitely in the mood for something that will whip me into wedding-dress shape, and I need something intense. Last night was a series of sun salutations (my arms are screaming, but it hurts so good! Hello, triceps...I've missed you!), then warriors and lots of forward bending with some wheel, bridge and ab work to finish off. Awe-some.

Anyway, I'm currently enjoying a swirled Coolatta from DD (coffee and vanilla, thankyouverymuch), and thinking about the mini-vacation we're going on this weekend. We'll be up on my home island, Long Island, through Monday visiting family and friends. Saturday night's agenda is a Mets game, and Sunday we'll be out at the beach. Whoo hoo!

So, friends, I hope I'll feel a bit rejuvenated after the fun and sun. See you on the other side.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This is What Happiness Looks Like

This past Saturday, my dear friend Angela married her boyfriend of 10 years, and it was a fantastic day. She was probably the giddiest, bubbliest, happiest bride I've ever seen. She was literally bouncing in her seat, and kept lightly slapping Matt's knee as if to say, "I can't believe it!"

This, friends, is what happiness looks like:

Below are some of the better photos I took:

To honor the groom, a hockey player.

Look closer...

That's them on the cake! Matt has a hockey stick, and Ang has a book.

First dance to "I Wanna Grow Old with You," From The Wedding Singer.

This was the first wedding where I wasn't qualified to catch the bouquet. Is it weird that that makes me sad? haha

Tutors, yoga buddies, Chapstick addicts, friends. : ) Good times.
All the best to the new Mr. and Mrs.!