Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dear Pedestrians

Dear Pedestrians,

I am one of you. I understand the need and desire to jaywalk when the crosswalks are far away from where you want to be. I also understand the new law where cars must come to a full stop when you (we) are in the designated crosswalks; however, lady in Burberry shawl on Nassau Street yesterday afternoon, you neglected two very important points while you jaywalked in front of my car, immersed in your cell phone screen without even glancing up at the motorist world...

1. The law is that cars must come to a full stop. This, however, does NOT relieve you of your duties as a conscious being. You can't just dart out whenever you feel like it and think you're almighty. If a car is about two seconds from the crosswalk/your body, let the car pass. That is an impossible stopping distance, and you will lose the lawsuit because you were negligent of your own responsibilities.
2. You were not in a crosswalk, and thus had no business even crossing the street in such an aloof and inconsiderate fashion. I watched you park your fancy BMW SUV, get out and fiddle with the parking meter, take your phone out of your pocket, then stare at something I can only imagine was immensely riveting, WHILE YOU STARTED TO WALK ACROSS THE STREET WITHOUT LOOKING BOTH WAYS. I'm sorry to say that wherever your mother is...she failed. Once you got to the other side of the street, you almost collided with two students waiting to safely jaywalk when cars were at a stop.

Job well done.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Capella

As if Glee weren't a big enough reminder of how much I miss performing, today I witnessed a random act of A Capella. I am working late tonight, and was taking a dinner break, sitting on the stone patio behind my building, when all of a sudden, from somewhere not too far away, harmonies floated my way. I knew they had to be in one of the archways of the many dormitories that are near my building, but couldn't place where. Then I saw a small crowd gathering, and closed my book to walk over and see what was going on.

It was a small group, maybe 12 people strong, singing what sounded to me like Indian hymns and folk songs. It was beautiful. Here I was, an hour to kill with nothing to do, and right across the courtyard an impromptu concert erupts?

Now, for those who know me (musically), you know I am vry easily affected by music. Just the whole thing of it--the beauty of the architecture with the beauty of the voices, and the excitement of the singers for having attracted such a crowd on this sunny Thursday evening to the excitement of the passerby who happened to stumble upon such a wonderful event--the wholw thing had me choking back tears. In that moment, I missed singing and performing so much it literally hurt.
Singing in my car is not enough. I worry I will forget how to read music, how to find harmonies in songs. I've been inspired to look into vocal groups here and see if they are open for anyone to join, or if they are classes for students only. Watching this group made me think of the days we'd perform in the stairwells of my high school and faculty, on their way out after long stressful days, would gather to listen to a few numbers. Singing is such a huge part of who I makes me enormously sad to have let it get away for so long.
To be continued...

Saturday, May 1, 2010


For those hiding under a rock, or those who have been waiting for this to blast on the weblog, I will be once again gainfully employed as of Monday!

I have been temping in Princeton for the last three weeks, and my first week there I also had an interview at another office on campus, which led to a second interview, which led to an interview with HR and some testing, which led, finally, to an offer for the position on Tuesday afternoon. And I'm still pinching myself.

I have orientation on Monday morning to go over my ample new hire packet and get set up with parking and an ID and all that stuff. Then I'll have a lunch break, then head to my new office to get situated there. This week will probably be pretty intense and overwhelming, but at least I'm coming in at the end of the semester, and will have the summer, when things should be lighter than usual, to get acclimated before diving in full speed in September.

I feel incredibly lucky, and am a little intimidated of going back to work full time for the first time in 6 months. But it's a good intimidation. Mom is coming up tomorrow for shopping, lunch, and exploration. Pics and more stories to come...

Til next time,