Sunday, March 29, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Cute

For no good reason, and pertaining to nothing...

Post-laundry adventures!

Don't you just wanna cuddle this face?

Bath time!

Less amusing post-laundry adventures.

I obviously want to be Cheezburger's competetion.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some Steam on a Rainy Day

Firstly, I just wanna ask this: WHY DO PEOPLE NOT KNOW you are legally required to have your headlights on when your wipes are on? It's rainy, it's the rush hour commute. How do you NOT realize you're the only jerkazoid without your lights on? SO annoying. I can't tell you how many cars I saw today driving sans lamps. That just makes me mad. Almost as mad as the people who drive for miles with their turning signal on. Uuuuggggghhhhh.

Also, I'm SICK and TIRED of reality TV. Sick of it in general, yes (though if it goes away, what will I do without one of my favorite shows on Earth, The Soup?!), but mainly sick of shows like VH1's Tool Academy (which I discovered through The Soup), and just about anything that casts "hot" chicks from music videos to cohabitate and fight all the time. Now, the basic principle of Tool Academy is this: girlfriends take their cheating, loser boyfriends to the Tool Academy to reform them. Uhm...hello? Instead of taking your moronic man waste of space on national television (God help us if it's internationally broadcast as well) and showing us how awful he is with the intent of making us feel bad for you, then proud of them--and you--if and when he changes, why not just leave him? I mean, I guess I could refute this and say, "But if the girls just left them, they'd just go and mistreat some other girl." The show's intent is to make the guys look awful, but really it's the girls who look like the losers. There are some things love can't fix, and being a Tool is one of them. What message is that show relaying? It's okay to settle. You may even get $100,000 and a (first) husband out of it. In this time of real female empowerment, I feel shows like this are completely reversing everything we've gained. And this is the image we're sharing with young girls who are inevitably watching this crap: be drunk, stupid, lewd, and scantily clad, and you'll get everything you want in life: attention, money, even celebrity! Hooray!

I don't often think about having a family, but I think these days, with instant access to everything, younger and younger children "needing" cell phones and laptops and tiny clothing and bleeped out versions of the latest music, it's a terrifying age in which to raise children. How do you combat something as huge as global media? How do you take what you establish at home, and make them carry it in their pocket as theygo out in the scary world? I guess you just have to hope for a good piece of clay and take it from there.

But let me stop myself before I go too far. I just needed to outgas some of the things occupying space in my head.

Till next time...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nothing Major

Just checking in. Life with my Versa is wonderful. : ) Still need to work out a few kinks (namely, figuring out my tire pressure light), and I'm waiting till the engine is broken in enough to get the awesome MPGs promised. But I can't complain.

I guess I should finally write about Profapalooza, which was like two weeks ago. It was a super-awesome night at the House of Blues in AC. The basic premise was this: three college bands populated by professors come together for some rocking and rolling. Stockton's Faculty Band opganized the event which was, in the end, in memory of Paul Lyons, who had the brilliant idea to put together such a jam. I'm feeling kind of lazy, so pardon the lack of links in this one.

There were three bands, Stockton College, Susquehanna University, and Colgate University, and the music was just about as different as each school. Colgate started the evening with Danger Boys, a three-man ensenble playing modern rock covers of popular music. I have to admit I was a little disturbed when they played Avril Lavigne's Boyfriend, so imagine my horror when they said they were gonna attempt a Beatles cover...what happened was a pretty amazing rendition of Eleanor Rigby which was true enough to the original, but sounded like what the circa-2000s Beatles would have composed. So I was able to breathe, and enjoy.

Next came the four-man band from Susquehanna, Faculty Lounge. I can't really classify their style...but maybe...if country music originated in New York? They looked like rockers, played like rockers, but had a rather distinct seasoning of country. But maybe it was just me. They played a lot of original songs, and the covers they did were obscure (to my ears, at least), so I couldn't tell the originals from the "real" songs unless they said, "This is one of our own." They absolutely blew me--and probably most of the crowd--away with their final song, though. They cued up the opening to I'm a Believer...then proceeded to sing the entire song in translated German. Frickin. Awesome.

After Faculty Lounge finished, John and I left the balcony section where we had been sitting and went down to the floor to dance and rock to the home team...good old Stockton Faculty Band! Now, SFB is really different for many, we boast a lineup of about a dozen; two, we are hippies from a hippie school; three, how many other schools have such a diverse smattering of study backgrounds? I mean, from philosophy to marine science to math? We basically have someone from every discipline.

Once the instruments were tuned up and everyone was feeling good, frontman Frank Cerreto called the crowd to attention, and off they went! Definitely more my pace, they played the usual 60s and 70s tunes from My Girl to the closer Honky Tonk Women (for which Danger Boys and Faculty Lounge joined them...brought down the house!).

It was just a really awesome night, and the ticket sales benefitted the various scholarship funds offered to students. That it was dedicated to Professor Lyons gave the evening a really special feeling, too, and I think the SFB felt the electricity of it. Needless to say, the HoB staff had to boot us all out cuz we didn't want the party to end. We trudged back to our cars and headed home, ears still buzzing, hearts still pounding out the rhythms, and feet still tapping to the beat. Word.

In other news, tonight John, Mom, and I are going to the Winslow HS production of Grease. I'm at the point now where I graduated almost 5 full years ago (whoa), and everyone I knew in the drama department (aside from the teachers) have moved on, so there won't be many familiar faces on stage. I usually see a lot of my classmates and more recent graduates in the audience, though, and I always look forward to that. Another favorite treat is to go on closing night and to see the whole cast and crew sit on stage together and sing along to Piano Man. Good memories.

Well that's all for now. We have March of the Penguins on, and we need to get going to my rents' in a bit. So peace out till next time. Adios!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Insight into Life with Hamlet

I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the below pic on Cheezburger because it is an exact representation of my and John's life with Hammy.

funny pictures of cats with captions

Also, this:

funny pictures of cats with captions

more animals

That's all I've got for now.


Good times

With the winter thaw approaching (not including that monster of a Monday snowstorm I drove through to work) there have been good times approaching. And even more in the forecast... (like my 25th birthday!)

First off, for my anniversary gift from Maureen (4 years, wow) she got me a backstage ticket to Adventure Aquarium Adventure (redundant, but fun) to feed the sharks in the shark realm exhibit. Score! So, I went behind the scenes. Saw where the hippos lived, and then got a quick briefing on the sharks, the tanks, the pole-feeding apparatus and just the mechanics of doing it. I didn't really need the science lecture, since I've been there and done that, but skipping that gave me more time to ask questions about the habitat personnel. Breeding of Sand Tiger sharks? Maybe in the future.. Cool! So, with the briefing done I moved onto prepping the food for the Brown Sharks (Sandbar?), Sand Tigers, Green Sawfish and Nurse sharks; which entail taking some nice mackerel and placing some multi-vitamins behind their operculums (gill flaps) for the sharks. One a week they get a vitamin and they are feed on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Once that was taken care of and my hands were thoroughly covered in fish blood and oil, we moved onto the catwalk to feed the SHARKS!

I then was given a harness and latched in (no need for me to feed the sharks more and my idea of riding them like a bucking bronco did not go over well) and then shown the two-pronged PVC pole to feed with. Basically you put the two fish, eyes first into the prongs and jam them till they can't go any further. Then lean it over the water, tail side up (don't want to drop the food too prematurely for fear of fighting and all) dip the pole in the water, wait for a hungry shark to swim up, line up the food with the front, wait for a strike and WHAM! Feeding sharks! Also, to make sure that you let pole have some give and don't fight the shark, reload and back again. (There was a particularly grumpy Sand Tiger who decided to take food and pole for a ride, at which point I handed that issue off to the staff) Once I fed most of the sharks, the staff fed the sawfish and nurse sharks. Once I was unlatched, I checked out some the behind the scenes things, washed up and took stock in the large wet spot on my pants from saltwater, fish juices and felt good.

I met up with Maureen, we picked up my photo here:

And also some other photos as well:

An awesome day at the aquarium, if I do say so.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Random Rant: Commercials

I now have supporters of my theory on the Glade spokeswoman (same woman, different house in every commercial...and she's ALWAYS overdressed! Why does she wear that black dress that has the Glah-day sticker on her butt when her friends come over in jeans and tee shirts?). Maybe I can gather a few supporters on this annoyance, too.

Does anyone else think the Campbell's Soup Casserole commercials are a little over-the-top? Remember the simple days, Campbell's? What happened to opening a can and saying it's "Mmm Mmm Good!" Now we have a monstrosity of a sentence/jingle that insists on listing just about every ingredient in said started innocently enough. "Campbell's green bean casserole...possibilities." (You know you just sang it. And I hope you'll help make my case stronger.)

The most recent incarnation of casserole goes a little something like this: "Campbell's cheesy chicken and green bean casserole...possibilities." I'm pretty sure they list a few more ingredients, too, cuz what it sounds like to my ears is "Campbell's cheesy chicken and green bean casserole with some carrots and crunchy things on top and oh yeh this has no MSG so suck it Progresso and did we mention the garlic and parsley seasoning whoops our alloted time for this jingle is up...possibilities."

What is next?! Stop reading me ingredients, lay off the green beans, and go back to tomato soup with Goldfish or cheddar cheese added by happy little kids. Seriously.