Saturday, September 26, 2009

On Driving

I am already an anxiety-ridden person. Driving to work is often not an issue; however, over the last two weeks, the morning trek has been particularly stressful and eventful (against my every will). I now present to you my newest phobia: the dump truck.

I was driving into work, and it was kinda trafficky for no apparent reason on 295N other than it was raining, so we were all going like 15 mph. I was stuck behind this big open dump truck with one of those tarps across the top, and it was spewing all these pebbles and stuff, and I was so annoyed and worried my windshield was gonna break. Then it started to rain a little harder, and I'm like, "Uhm...what's this brown water coming down my window? This truck is filthy!" So I'm behind this truck the whole 10 minutes I'm on 295, and when it finally got off the exit before mine, and I finally read the lettering on the side, I read the three most terrifying words you can read after your beloved vehicle has been peppered with pebbles:


It was a poop truck! And there was POOP all over my car...sadly and in the most literal sense.

After a car wash, and a slight case of PTSD, I am recovering well, and expect to be back to 100% soon.

In non-poo news, next weekend (!) is Jon and Marisa's wedding! Wow...I get a nice (UNpaid...thank you, non-converted status...10 months later...I'm not bitter!) 4-day weekend when John and I journey to upstate New York for the celebration. Hopefully the foliage will be in bloom, and the weather will be kind. On this end, we're working on getting all of our loose ends together, as the countdown is now in the single digits! My best friend is married, and now John's will be in a matter of days. So weird, this growing up business, huh? Be ready for a blog o' wonderful pictures!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Quick Thoughts

1. I just applied for a writing/editing job that sounds like an exciting match to my personality and skills. It's close to where I'm currently working, meaning a still-awesome commute. It made me feel accomplished, strange enough, and reminded me that there are chances out there to be happy in work and to find things that are at least somewhat meaningful. I even went ahead and ordered business/calling cards from VistaPrint tonight in my zeal over job applications. I figure it can't hurt to keep a few on me in case I meet a great contact and on the off chance (though it'll never happen!) I have no pen or PostIts.

2. I am going to enter some poems in a county poetry contest. I'm not ready yet (maybe I am and I'm just too scared to try) to pursue publication, but reading about my friends' successes are making me excited about writing for the public again. Lately I've been working on lots of stuff, but, being disconnected from my former writing community, have largely kept it clutched closely to my chest, not sharing with anyone.

3. I got Tara a really super awesome bday gift and I can't wait to give it to her Sunday when she comes over to do a PartyLite show for me. I know it's early, but I'm really bad at not giving gifts as soon as I acquire them. haha I love watching people open them cuz I really only buy things I know they'll love. Shameless plug: do you like top-quality, highly-scented candles? Call Tara and book a show through her consultant website.

4. I had a good week this week, and I'm feeling really energetic and happy with life and its possibilities. And by that I mean I am able to see that there ARE possibilities. Lately I've been in such a fog of dread and feeling like this was it: this was as good as I can do and it was really starting to rot my from the inside out. It's good to gain perspective, even if it comes from unusual places.

That's all for now. More thoughts and ideas as they come.