Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lapse in Posts

I know I've been super lazy about posting on here. Honestly, I'm not on my computer very much these days beyond checking email and a few other e-visits.

Life has been chugging along, though! We've helped our friends move into their new house, which is thankfully still very close by (seriously, a 5-minute drive). We're now simply waiting for their baby boy to arrive so we can finally meet him. : ) Still feels crazy to say that.

None of you need get any ideas about us, though! We're still very much newlyweds (we get the whole first year to say that!), and are simply enjoying our time as Mr. and Mrs., traveling, and planning for house hunting, as we're learning we're fast outgrowing not only the space in our apartment but also our patience with apartment living.

We're also managing to sneak in lots of mini-trips and activities, too. Sometimes it feels like too many, but then I find that when we have a day with no plans, I get moody and bored very quickly. So I'll take the breakneck speed for now. Part of it may be a sub-conscious reaction to the reality of September now being little more than a calendar flip away, and with that comes my hectic and crazy work schedule, and John's return to graduate classes.

We've already completed our week in Las Vegas (photos on Facebook; I'm too lazy to repost here). It was lots of wonderful time with family, but also lots of wonderful couple time as we had more freedom to roam and do as we pleased this trip since we did all the main touristy things last time. We pretty much lounged by our hotel pool and I acted John's lucky charm at the cards tables in between yummy meals, shows, and general casino-gawking. We spent three days back at my aunt and uncle's house between time on the Strip, and those were days full of...lounging by the pool. haha Lots of girl talk with my aunt, and we also got to meet my cousin's husband and their baby. Probably the best time I had was just sitting on the back deck watching the sun set and the moon rise, and listening to the coyotes howling in the desert beyond. It was spooky and beautiful. There was also an awesome lightning storm over Mt. Charleston on our last night there, which was spectacular. Especially after two glasses of sangria.

Up next is Key West for a college friend's wedding. We'll spend the first day meandering from Ft. Lauderdale out to Key West in our rental car, then spend the next three days exploring Key West, its beaches, and the island life. We'll culminate with the wedding on our last full day, then meander back through the keys en route back to the airport on the fifth day. I can't wait to dig my toes in the sand. And the drive out on the Overseas Highway is going to be breathtaking. My mind is already there...

Most immediately, however, we have the annual DOT Trenton Thunder game tonight, and then the BFF comes over on Saturday, Saturday night John and I are going to a restaurant in Princeton town for a Dogfish Head tap takeover, and Sunday is celebrating birthdays with the Riggis. I also can't wait to get back to the Jersey beaches--Avon is closest and has this amazingly clear water: the waves can be lapping at your shoulders and you can look down and see every single toe. Beautiful. I also miss the boardwalk down in Ocean City, though. It just doesn't feel like a beach day without walking the boards as the sun sets.

There's a lot left to cram into this summer, and I certainly intend to cram!

Until next time, friends, stay tuned for Keys pics.