Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What I DIDN'T Say Yes To

So now that the wedding is just shy of 3 months behind us (already?), I thought it'd be fun to take a look at the dresses that turned out not to be the one. While it was a fun afternoon of playing dress up, I was glad to have settled on the one that was surely calling my name. I had such a great experience with David's Bridal in Deptford, I even sent a thank you to my consultant because she was so caring and considerate, not only of me, but of Mom and Tara as well. She was sure to make it a special experience for them, too.

First, we'll start with the dress I fell in love with in a magazine, and was the whole point of my starting the search at David's. It had a halter neckline, gathering and detail at the waist, and a nice A-line skirt. How could I go wrong? When we got there, I shoved the picture in the consultant's face, and off she went. The store had only one left, and it was only a size larger than I needed. I quickly put it on, and stormed out to gaze upon myself in the wall of mirrors. It was the first wedding dress to touch my skin, and it was the one I had been fantasizing about for months prior. I was in love! On a scale of 1 to 10, I declared it an 11! Then, however, as I began looking closer, I saw that maybe it wasn't the best choice. Among other things, I had it on for about 5 minutes and the halter strap was already beginning to chafe my neck. In any event, this wasn't the one. Slightly heartbreaking, but I had other dresses to try.

Next came another dress that I had seen in a magazine and torn out. I guess you could call it my second choice contender. It was simple but very pretty, and perhaps its best feature was that it was all lace, which I had recently (and rather unexpectedly) fallen in love with. This one crept up on me, and pretty much as soon as I walked out, we all knew it was the one. Yes, this was the dress that marked November 5 as the beginning of my married life. I even later bought the very veil that I tried on with it.

High on lace and straplessness, there were three more options. This one was a marriage of the first two dresses: lace, but with a halter neckline. It seemed that each dress I put on got heavier and the train got longer! This one had a lot of beadwork and a rather long train. It was probably my second favorite of the bunch after all was said and done, but I was just a little concerned about the super long train, the halter getting scratchy, and the weight of it getting uncomfortable sooner rather than later. But very elegant, nonetheless, eh?

This was a dress I requested, as something different, but again, totally not the look for me. No cupcake dresses here. I spent the least amount of time in this one.

Last up was a pick purely for fun, chosen by the consultant. It was a kind of palate cleanser, as it was so different than the rest. Yes, the princess dress! It surely was fun, and I entertained the other patrons by parading around and curtseying and waving like I was the bloody queen of England. Definitely not the look I was going for.

After the princess dress, I shimmied back into the #1 choice just to be sure, and not too long after I was walking out of the store with the dress triumphantly hoisted over my head in its garment bag, bound for Mom and Dad's house for safe- (and secret-) keeping.

And here you are, a few snaps of the dress from The Big Day, courtesy of our photographer, Pamela Paraison. I think you'll agree it was the right decision. : )

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birthday Week!

Yes, I claim the entire week!

It's the time of year when I get showered with freebies! Free drinks at Starbucks, a free Panera goodie, free appetizers. Huzzah!

We kicked off the countdown to 26 with lunch at Bonefish Grill in Langhorne, PA this afternoon. It was delicious and filling, and the leftovers are in the fridge in anticipation of dinner tomorrow. After lunch we wandered around the Oxford Valley Mall for a bit to ward off the food coma. It was a typical mall, but it did have two fun and "different" stores in the form of Teavana and Williams Sonoma. I got myself a little owl tea cup to keep at my desk at work with the little ceramic pot Mom got me for Christmas. Now I can truly sip in style. Ohm.

Love the clever doodles they give you on your leftover container.

Owl mug from Teavana!

The week will be typical...work, home, work, but then for the weekend we're heading to lunch at Rat's and then down to Voorhees for the All South Jersey Chorus concert, conducted by the amazing Mike Doheny (my high school director). After the concert we'll crash at Casa Maureen's Parents and on the morning of my birthday (that's the 29 for those of you playing at home), Mom, Dad, Hubby, and I will go and check out a new tea house, The Tea Place, that opened in a nearby town. Should be fun. I'm looking forward to some tea sammies and scones. YUM!

In other homefront news, we're doing a mini-redo in the office. Since I haven't used my desk in over a year and a half, I decided I want it outta there! It had really just become a collector of junk and dust, and stressed me out every time I went around that corner. So the desk is now out and in the living room (before temporary storage in the basement and off to its final destination of my parents' house for their computer station), and we've put an old bookcase in there to house John's myriad school books and some of my office-need stuff. AKA drop zone for laptop, pens, paper, etc. It's nothing overly thrilling, but it makes me happy to know there's a bit more order in there. Heck, I felt better once all the backlog of wedding stuff was out of there. It had become craft/gift/invitation/card mayhem!

Lastly, we had some snow overnight Friday into Saturday. Nothing grand, and it all turned to sleet eventually, but this lazy Sunday morning started with baking cinnamon muffins and sipping almond-amaretto tea. Sad to see the weekend go, but what a nice way to send it off.

Well, now it's time to relax in preparation for the Giants game, and probably some more (re)reading of Mockingjay. I can't believe I just blew through the whole Hunger Games triolgy again--a task I will likely repeat again before the release of the first movie on 3/23. Whoot!

Cheerio, mates.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Little Bit of Resolve

Complain less (at least out loud)
As always, have patience
Be more conscious of when my idea of "funny" may actually be hurtful
Get over the small stuff quicker
Invest in good running shoes and get out there more often
Find more healthy-dinner staples
Stop being intimidated by my Le Creuset and use it already!