Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First Married Christmas

So it's almost been a whole month since our wedding, and John and I finally have our official marriage license. Now I can start the process of legally changing my name. I've started using Riggi at work in an unofficial capacity (ie I'm not listed under the new name yet, but I've started the transition in my email signature and on the plaque outside my door). Next steps now are to change it up with Social Security and the DMV and then I can make the zillions of phone calls it'll take to switch over the remaining things. Time to really start practicing that new signature! Don't want it look like a 5-year old signed my DL! haha

Thanksgiving was wonderful and spent with John's family. It was different since I had never spent it with anyone but my parents, but we visited with them on Sunday for a post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving. And then the hubby and I did two things we have never done before: ventured out for some Black Friday shopping and decorated before the calendar hit December. Gasp! We're just so excited to celebrate our first married Christmas, so we want to make the season last as long as we can.

Here are some Christmassy pictures from Disney, as well as some from our 2011 decorations at home.

Train station at Magic Kingdom.
Looking down Main Street, USA.
Ginormous (real) gingerbread house under construction at the Grand Floridian.
Not Christmassy, but just cute. Upon entering Epcot.
Our special souvenier to commemorate our Disney honeymoon.

The "mommy and daddy" tree.

Hammy's tree.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happily Ever After

John and I have returned from our honeymoon in Disney. Adjusting to real life is going okay, though I do miss the service...oh, the trials and tribulations of having to drive myself, cook for myself...oh, woe is me! haha

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mr. and Mrs.

We were so lucky to have beautiful, if a bit chilly, weather for our wedding weekend. It was an absolutely perfect day.

For now, I offer you this impromptu pic I took with my phone while taking the limo from ceremony to reception. It just happened to come out really good!

Cheers, and love from Mr. and Mrs. Riggi!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Counting on one hand

4 days, everyone! FOUR!

Looking forward to my friends and family arriving on Friday afternoon. Looking forward to finally relaxing and enjoying the rehearsal and dinner. Looking forward to putting on my dress and not fretting anymore about having lost or gained too much weight. Looking forward to my first dance with John as husband and wife. Looking forward to watching girls scramble for the bouquet. Looking forward to seeing John's grandparents dance. Looking forward to seeing my mom and dad dance. Looking forward to seeing everyone all dressed up.

Looking forward to being married. Looking forward to Disney.