Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm back!

I've been REALLY lax with posting, I know...but I bring you bounty!
Tara and I went to our second Longaberger Horizons of Hope Breast Cancer Fundraiser recently at Shannon's Catering in Atco. After losing everything at PartyLite Bingo (well, Tara did win a hand cream she wanted as a door prize), we were both ravenous for prizes and somewhat defeated as we entered the banquet room and surveyed the prizes we would assuredly watch go home with other people. We also made the grave Bingo-rookie mistake of juggling more than one card...oy. We were down to our last three games, and neither of us, nor anyone at our table, had anything to show for it. As we heard shouts of, "BINGO!" ringing from table after table that was not ours, we were all just about ready to throw in the towel. But then, something miraculous happened, and maybe it was the points I had stored up in the karma bank, but I noticed that I just needed one more number to score a diagonal Bingo. Number called; not mine. ::tension:: Number called..."BINGO! I WIN!" I actually won something, and got to yell Bingo! Tara was, understandably, a mixture of happiness and roiling hatred. Since I was so convinced I wasn't gonna win anything, I hadn't even been paying attention to what the prizes were. So now I was afraid I had won a basket of baby supplies or something equally useless. But it was actually a basket of school/office supplies! SWEET! Next game, no dice at our table. Final game, I won again! A quick recap:
Me: Oh, Tara, you're about to be mad as hell if I win again.
Tara: blank stare
Lady at table: What number do you need?
Me: B53.
Bingo caller: B53!
This time it was a HUGE basket filled with Xmas decorating/party supplies...a cookie dish, napkins, potholders. Awesome! And so even though I got home at almost 11, I tore into those suckers to check out my loot. Hammy's favorite part, of course, was the cellophane that made the most amazing crinkling sounds ever.

School supplies!

Holiday goodies!

Hammy loves crinklies!

In other fun news, my friend, David, and I have discovered the Lawrence-Hopewell Trail that picks up behind one of the buildings in our corporate complex. We took a quick walk down there on Tuesday on a whim, and ate at our desks prior to our actual lunch break today so we could spend a whole hour exploring. It was soggy and really buggy, but rather freaking awesome. There's one more direction we'll be able to check out in our hour of freedom, and beyond that we'll just have to imagine. Here are some pics I took on today's adventure:

In one last story, I must relate my store-brand Lucky Charms an open letter to Shop Rite, I'd like to say: Thanks for my new box of Marshmallow Dreams. I had been craving some sugary cereal to break up my Cheerios routine. I woke up, excited for breakfast, grabbed the box, tore it open, poured it into my bowl and...HEY! WHERE ARE MY MARSHMALLOWS?! That's right...I certainly WAS having marshmallow dreams. I had every intention to take the box back and DEMAND that I be given either A) a lifetime supply of the cereal or B) receive a box filled with only marshmallows to mix with my box of, essentially, frosted Cheerios. But then John had a heaping bowl, and the box was about half gone, so John just finished it off. I attempted another box this week, with 100% success. ::wipes brow::

Until the next adventure, friends!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Another Wet Sunday

We had a mini-repeat of last Sunday's weather with less tornadic activity, but just as much rain. Since the thunder, lightning, and wind were not as bad as last week, I was actually able to get out and take some pictures of the flood.

Before I post them, though, I just want to reply to an earlier post where I was mad about the Harry Potter/IMAX thing. Our local theater, AMC 24, did indeed show HP6 in IMAX 3D, and John and I went to a showing on Friday night. A.Maz.Ing. Dream fulfilled, and it was everything expected. ::dreamy look::

Yesterday I went to a friend's bridal shower at Femmina's in Medford Lakes. I didn't know anyone there, really, except for the bride and a few other people, but it was really fun, and I sat with a great group o' gals. : ) The wedding is in 2 months and counting, and it's just getting to the point where it's really exciting to think about it. The groom is John's best friend from college, whom I've now known for as long as I've known John, and we've been friends with the bride for a little over a year now I guess. PLUS they live right around the corner from us, so we love having them close by. A great afternoon.

And now, without further adieu, Storm, Parte Deux:

Lake Parking Lot

Overflowing Storm Drain

Swirling vortex over another drain. Yes, that truck is still in the same exact spot as it was last week...just asking for trouble!