Friday, October 31, 2008

Hamlet's First Day at Home

Here are some initial pictures and video of Hammy's first few hours with me.

He's been a very good boy, and is understandably nervous and skittish (especially when you pop around a corner), but he's been checking everything out, and is warming up to the apartment very quickly. And he has been very affectionate and lovey with me. I think I got my snugglebunny! So here he is: Hamlet!

And now, I present a Shakespeare in the Bathroom production: Hamlet.

Thanks to everyone for the advice...keep it coming. Rachel and Christine: I showed him the litter box, his bed, and his food dishes as soon as I brought him home. Worked like a charm! I never would have thought of that, so many, many thanks! He's been largely uninterested in his water, though (I plan on only putting food down in the morning and at dinner time so he doesn't expect to be free-fed). I hope he'll develop an appetite once he's more comfortable and learns the routine around here.

There will surely be more to come. But I must say Hamlet is very photogenic, and a bit of a ham...though I guess that shouldn't surprise me.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

More kitty preparations...

So John and I went to PetsMart to get the rest of the kitty starter are some pics of what we got, and you know there'll be like a million pics and vids tomorrow once I get Hamlet (as he is now officially renamed) home. So yes, ours pets are now named Hamilton (though I just call him Fishee), and Hamlet. And now, random pictures that are probably exciting to no one but me:

Here is kitty's bed and a catnip pillow toy...

...and his food and water can't see it well, but there are fish skeletons on them.

...his carrier (with a little food dish, in which I'll put treats for the ride home)...

...and this is his welcome home present from John that will keep him company on the way home.

So stay tuned for homecoming pictures. Good night!

Moo Cat, Part 2

So John called me about an hour ago, and asked if I was ready to be a kitty mommy...cuz the shelter chose us at Moo Cat's new parents!

I will pick him up tomorrow! So John and I will shop tonight to get the rest of the supplies we need so he can be comfortable when he gets home. : )

AND I had a great interview yesterday morning with Navigant Consulting, and a few hours later, I got a call with the job offer!

I like to think this is the beginning of things looking up for me. Two incredibly happy pieces of news in less than 48 hours...awesome.

Stay tuned for pictures. I'm sure there will be a thousand pictures between now and tomorrow. Heh, Moo Cat (who will be renamed Hamlet), will have a Halloween birthday! Don't expect us to dress him up...bringing him to a new environment will be traumatic enough, I'm sure. Anyone with tips on how to make a new kitty comfortable is encouraged to post them in the comments section.

Thanks for all the well-wishing, friends. It seems to have paid off!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just an Observation

Has anyone else ever noticed that Glade uses the same woman in their commercials (candles, Plug Ins, and the Febreze rip-off), but that she lives in a different home in each of them? The front door and furniture are different, and in different places in each one!

Just an observation.

This is what happens when you're unemployed...too much TV!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Moo Cat

Well, John and I visited the Burlington County Animal Shelter this afternoon, in search of our forever kitty (as phrased by Tara). I, of course, fell in love with just about every one we looked at. There were a few babies, lots of adults, and quite a few who had the sneezies and coughies. And then, in the back row, in the bottom cage...there he was. This kitty, whom the shelter has named Moo Cat, just melted me. He stuck his little paws out and started brushing up against the cage. So I bent down to pet him and talk to him. He gave me so many kissies! Oh it was love at first sight. He is a 10-month-old medium haired calico-type cat, white with grey and brown and cream coloring. And he's big for his age--I thought he was older.
John fell in love with a very little kitten, white with black coloring, and it looked like he had a beard the way his coloring was. But I'd feel bad leaving a baby home by himself, so we decided on Moo Cat. He's not ours, yet, but I really hope we'll get to take him home! There was only one other application for him, so I hope they're horrible people and the shelter chooses us as kitty parents! haha
So on the way home, John and I stopped to get some basic supplies, aka litter box and litter. We'll get food and other supplies once we know he's definitely coming home. Didn't wanna jinx anything too much. So think happy thoughts for us, and I hope to post good news very soon.

In other news, I met with a local temp agency this morning, and I have an interview Wednesday morning for a legal consulting company. That position is for data entry, and would be full time, temp-to-hire. I hope that this means things will start falling into place for me, finally.

For now, I will continue to dream...

Friday, October 24, 2008

John and I have a New Fishee!

Last night John and I went in search of a fishee companion. A kitty isn't far behind, and we hope to have him before Thanksgiving. : ) But for now we have a little Betta. He's a crowntail, and you really have to see him in person to appreciate how adorable and colorful and gorgeous he is. But here is my best attempt at photographing him:

Meet Hamtilon (John's naming, not mine...). I just call him Hammy. Now it feels a little less lonely in here.

More to come after the'll be a busy one!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

On Stupidity...

Okay, so I was baking pumpkin seeds the other day, and I noticed this sticker on the inside of my oven door...

Yes, it is warning you not to sit your giant infant on the open oven door because it will tip the oven over ONTO said giant infant, and your hot soup will spill from above. Now, I see two immediate problems here: one, that there exists some person somwhere who put a baby down on an open over door, perhaps to check a roast, that necessitated this warning sticker, and two, the sheer size of the baby...I mean, do they even MAKE diapers that large? Unless it's an elderly person wearing Depends. But still. Thank GOD I saw this, cuz boy was that looking like a comfy place to sit down. And I don't know what's funnier: the oven tipping over, or the soup spilling from the cooktop. Or the reaction of the 911 call that probably started this warning.

Then this morning I was watching TV while eating breakfast, and I saw an enormously kooky commercial for a local Burlington County business...I thought it would advertise some Halloween attraction like a haunted hayride or something. I mean, what would you expect if a commercial started out by saying, "In [year?], the first witch trial in New Jersey started right here in Burlington County." (Is that even something you wanna brag about?) Then, it turned into an advertisement for a car dealership, and their tagline appeared to be "Where YOU come first." I'm like...for what? Burning at the stake? Hi, non-sequitor alert? What the heck?! I can't find it on YouTube, but I'll keep looking cuz it was that random.

That's all for now. But it's only 10:15, so I'm sure a lot more ridiculousness can happen.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Success of Commerce

Yes, I made it successfully to the bank, on the first try, without directions. I had to navigate the traffic circle of death, but that was the most eventful part of the journey.

After the bank, I went to go and explore Hamilton Veteran's Park (which is what I got lost looking for last time I tried to find Commerce). I made the CORRECT turn, and after a little wayward driving found the entrance I was looking for: by the giant, painted, helicopter.

What amazes me about where we now live is it is. There are so many strange things around here. I think this is my favorite, though. On the way to the pumpkin "festival" two weeks ago, I kept seeing signs for a "WWII Parachute Memorial." They told me to "Keep right" or "Keep left," and also said things like, "100 feet ahead." But for the life of me I saw nothing resembling a parachute or anything to memorialize parachutes. Then, I saw it. And this is only th estupidity of New Jersey. Now, when you think of a memorial, perhaps you imagine a plaque with a bench for silent contemplation. Perhaps you imagine a statue. Or perhaps you imagine what I actually saw: on the side of Rt. 206, nowhere near a place to pull over (safely), nowhere near anywhere appropriate to stop and pay your respect, other than a few confused thoughts as you whiz by in your car...who the hell thought that one up? And while I'm ranting a bit, I have to say: Dear Blonde Who Does the Most Recent NutriSystem Commercial: I understand you are married to a football player, so kudos for bragging about how you "love sports." But here's a little secret: more women than you might believe can catch a football. So when you manage to catch it and then ask, "How many girls can do that?" The answer is a lot. Now if you threw a perfect spiral, then I'd be impressed. But you chuck an ovular piece of leather at me, I'm gonna catch it, sister. So chill out, skinny.

Anyway. Hamilton Park was beautiful, too! Here is a pic of the map of the park just to wrap your head arounf it. There aren't parks this large by my house. Then again, Camden County is pretty crowded and developed, and Burlington County has lots of land.

I only explored a tiny bit, though I walked a total of about a mile and a half. There is a HUGE lake, lots of paved and natural paths, and apparently a floral garden as well as a playground for kids. My only regret about the park is that is was FREEZING! Like 50 degrees and win-dy! So here are pics from my exploration:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Climb the coporate ladder...Don Rocco..

Today I had somewhat of an epiphany, or more of a forming storm cloud about future at work. (I can't name specifics, but only so far. Government work makes cloak-and-dagger statements and acts second nature) I don't picture myself as career man or life-r where I work (I may be, but who knows) but I don't see myself leaving anytime soon. My employer has access to funds for training and advancement of ones self by means of advanced degrees (a Masters degree would be nice, but Dr. Riggi would rock!), training, and certifications. I feel the route of the Masters track would be for me; but what to study? And I doubt that I would take time off from my job (I might be able to take furlough time or something like that to go to school, but I am not sure I can), so I would be working and going to classes at night. So, I wouldn't be able to fully devote myself to graduate work and efforts, but this is all what I must investigate. And it will help me in my job, somewhat. It may raise my payscale a bit (but not dramatically), but so will time with the increments I get in my contract. I need to discuss this more with the HR dept and their knowledgeable people, but I feel I will be pegged to do some sort of management or leadership Masters (something I may abhor) but it would make me more profitable to have at work.

Somedays I wish I could back and fix myself and where I fell (or smack myself on my head and knock some sense into myself) and get back on my science track. And somedays I feel like I was never cut out for the sciences. That I am deluding myself and that is all just a overinflated hobby I have and that I should stick to real things that I can do.

Enough lamenting over where I could have gone and where I am. What I do know now is this, I am in a place in my life where I can settle and figure these things out and figure out my path. That is something I have been wanting for a long time.

End transmission

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Preparations!

It's aliiiiiiiiiiiveeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Today Mom and (our friend) Jane came to visit for lunch and some Bordentown exploration. Jane brought us a very nice basket of tea, hot chocolate and marshmallows, candles, and two beautiful mugs from Longaberger! Mom brought up some more supplies, which included a pumpkin carving kit, as you can see from the picture over there. : )

Here is a picture of our new table arrangement, with the table runner and leaf decorations that were in the basket from Jane as well.

I don't have much to write today, but I do have lots of and lots of pictures to share!

And now, the making of our pumpkin:

We used a pattern, so don't think we're incredibly artistic or anything. haha But it was still tedious and hard work.

And now, here it is, proudly displayed on the steps outside our place (and the entire porch smells delicious, in case you were wondering!).

And a few pics from Mom and Jane's visit:

Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm finally in!!!

After much consternation (and being lazy), I can finally post! Although I am not much of a blogger (I have never blogged until now), I think I can make the exception here.

The real big news I have here now is the fact that I have passed and signed for my four month working test period in my job. That means they can't just kick me out the door. I still have to pass my six month and then my annual review (the Big Kahuna) to stay where I am and eventually (most likely) be promoted to my next title. Other than that, I am working smoothly in my department. I haven't sat at my desk in awhile since I have been in training and orientation the past week or so. I guess the department can handle me without my incalculable talents.

In other news, since I have moved I have had my mail forwarded and now sent to here in Bordentown. This has lead to some issues with my father and I. First, the back story. My father and I share the same first and last name (those playing at home and along know that). It is merely our legal and authoritative middle names that separate us (but Maureen can argue I am much like my father many a time, so name alone is a not a difference) So, to the point. I have my mail forwarded with my middle name in the line. But it seems that the wonder workers at the postal service can not see (or do not have the capacity of thought) to differentiate between my father and I. This has happened the second time. And since we have accounts and working relations with certain credit cards, auto companies, etc; this may lead to many headaches.

Other than that, it is the second weekend here for Maureen and I. (Actually third, but that first weekend we moved in, this place was in flux and not even assembled into the beautiful abode it is). Not sure what plans we have, but I am sure an adjoining blog will be added by my other half.

That's all.
End Transmission

The Randomness

So once my brain is mush and I can't apply for any more jobs, I usually turn my attention to domestic things...washing dishes, straightening the dining room table, or other things of the like. I wanted to share some of the more random things with you that have gone on in the last 2 days.

One, I have new video. It's not a tour, well...maybe it is. A tour of my inner insanity. I need a stimulating job, and I need it, and you will understand. (Sorry it's dark. I hope you can see it okay.)

Yeh, so that's sad. I know. While I was doing something more productive and less...awkward(washing dishes), I heard a rustle from outside. Now, the back of my apartment faces a pretty steep hill with lots of trees and bramble and other uninviting stuff. Here is what you see out of my kitchen window:

So imagine my surprise when a man emerged as though he was going to G Wing via the Dark Path! He was wearing a tank top and shorts, as though it was completely normal to jog through there. And maybe it is. Maybe I just haven't been here long enough to know.

This is me puttering again. The lovely couch that Marissa gave us from Ikea has a black slipcover. Now, I'm not one to advocate slipcovers, cuz they usually look pretty bad. But this one was specifically made to fit over this specific couch (gotta love those Swedes!). So I was sitting eating lunch today, and was thinking that I love the couch, but I also love NOT getting stains on it (it's white). So I got the slipcover out of the closet and started to put it on. It was also probably the easiest one I have ever maneuvered! When I was putting the one on the leather couch in my reading nook, it was hard to tell top from bottom cuz it's not quite the same size and shape. But this Ikea one is pretty clear cut, and it even Velcros to the bottom so it doesn't shift around! It looks pretty sharp, but I'm not sure about it. I like it cuz it doesn't blend into the carpet and walls anymore. Plus we're having some company this weekend, so it'll be nice to people-proof it. So I'm gonna put a pic of the couch uncovered and will be appreciated. : )

Non-Sequitor Alert: I'm watching Ellen, as usual, and Nicole Ritchie is a guest to promote her spot on NBC's Chuck Monday night. So in the clip of the episode, not only is Nicole on the show...but so is...BEN SAVAGE! Talk about culture clash! Had to share.

Well that's about all. More to come, of course.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Adventures, or I Need a GPS

This is me after driving pretty much anywhere in my new metro area.

So since I have been here it has been my MISSION to find a Commerce Bank. Keep in mind I am used to having one three minutes away, just outside my development back home. But here...nothing is easy to get to. Which I like cuz we're removed enough from hustle and bustle. But because Bordentown is old and historic and crap, the roads are a nightmare (and John can either back me up on this or will post a correction) and they can't be changed to make sense. There are a lot of terrifying broken jug handle things and you have to make like 2 Uturns to get to places.

Anyway. Back to my Quest for Commerce. John and I drove around for an hour yesterday following the directions from the bank's own website (so I trusted them). When we saw no sign of it, I called the branch to ask, WHERE ARE YOU???? AND I QUESTION YOUR TITLE AS AMERICA'S MOST CONVENIENT BANK! But alas, it was after hours for the lobby, so no one was there to receive my wrath. So today I started anew, and got a second set of directions. And you know...I love Google. And I love where I live. But Google is useless if the roads I am looking for are UNMARKED or so faded they are just white! NOT helpful.

After going down the wrong road twice, I FINALLY made it to the bank. I rejoiced! I was elated! I wish the check I was depositing was for more money because I probably used that much in gas! Then, I decided that since there was a park nearby the bank, I'd go and check it out to make the driving worth it. But of course, I should have turned left, but I went right. Which took me through a scenic and seedy area of Trenton. I desperately looked for any road that looked familiar and that came out on the road I took to get to the bank...after a few minutes of frantic driving, I found it.

Me, lost in Trenton. Get me OUTTA here!

I got back to the road I needed, and made the awkward merge onto South 206 and was back in familiar territory. I needed a buffer before I got home, and since I didn't get to the park, I figured a trip to the Goodwill store just inside Bordentown Twp. would be a fun diversion. Not nearly as fun as going with Becky and Lisa, but it was pretty fun anyway. I love looking at all the weird stuff in thrift stores cuz you find the most bizarro things, and you know at some point SOMEONE paid money for them. Awesome.

So I'm home now, and I am once again reassured that GPS was invented specifically for me. haha

NON-SEQUITOR ALERT: Today's installment of the Non-Sequitor is brought to you by the Ellen Degeneres Show, which I am watching as I type this. Today she showed us the Tiddy Bear, the latest find in her search for ridiculous infomercials. Remember the Hawaii Chair and the iGallop? Not as hilarious, but just as weird, and with equally bad acting, I present: the Tiddy Bear.

That's all for now, folks. Till next time!

Weekend Update

Good Wednesday afternoon to you all! Hope this week finds you well. I figured I couldn't leave such a downer of a post up for too long. Things are still rough for me, but John and I talked through a lot of my stress and anxiety, and I'm feeling a little more able to handle it all. Plus the support from my family and friends is a tremendous help. Thanks for all the comments, too, guys! Keep em coming! It's nice to know this thing is read!

And for those of you who aren't "followers" or registered with your own blog, you can still post comments. Just click on th elink that says "Comments" at the end of each post, and you just need to fill in your name by clicking in the Name/URL button (it can be your real name or an long as we can identify who's leaving it!), and then type a confirmation word so Blogger know you're not a robot. So chime in if you haven't already! Now, on with the blog!

It's beginning to look a lot like fall around here! Our trees are finally changing color (though they are dropping their leaves much too fast for my liking!), and the pumpkins and candy corn abound. Our neighbors downstairs carved pumpkins this past weekend, and they look fantastic! John and I hope to carve ours this weekend. We're looking for a good place to display it, though.

So this past weekend, John had Monday off for Columbus Day. Though he's been feeling under the weather, we still had a nice time. Saturday we went and started our kitty search. It was a little discouraging, however, because we'd like a kitten or young cat, but in order to have a cat in the apartment, it has to be declawed (mandated by the contract). And with the agencies we've talked with so far, they don't allow declawing (as a part of their contract). So we'll have to look at slightly older kitties who are already declawed. But we still have miles to go before we sleep, and we are determined to find our perfect match. We actually got a nibble on a little fellow named Luther. He's a 4-year old Tuxedo who is with a foster mommy for now, but because her other cats are mean to him, he's forced to live outside on her deck. This poor clawless kitty! But he has UTD, which might mean he'd need more attention than we could give him being away from the house most of the day. Plus I don't know that we could afford the care he needs right now. But we are going to see if we can meet him and will go from there. Rachel also just let us know that a friend of hers will be giving away some
kittens! So maybe our search is looking up.

After that we had a delicious linner at Ruby Tuesday...southwestern spring rolls for an app, then a mini trio of sammiches for me (chicken, burger, and crab cake!) and a bison burger for John. We went food shopping after that which was good cuz we were full so we didn't do any impulse buys, but it also sucked because we were full, so staring at aisle after aisle of food made me want to puke.

Sunday we went to West Windsor and checked out their pumpkin "festival." I say "festival" because it was basically four goats, a crappy banjo band, and a hay ride to the pumpkin patch. I must say, though, that the hay ride was nice and long (if not a little to follow), and
there were not only an abundance of pumpkins to choose but also tons of mini gourds! Needless to say I was in heaven. Until all the hay and grass got to me and I started sneezing my brains out.

So we wound up with three cute gourds (we had to toss one back cuz it was a little rotty underneath...sad) and a nice big pumpkin to carve!

After the farm, we came home and relaxed for a bit, then decided to take advantage of the nice weather some more. We packed a lunch and headed off to Historic Smithville Park so I could show John around. That was our plan for Monday, but I made plans with my high school friends, Dana and Megan, and they were coming to visit us Monday for lunch and good times. So the park was a nice way to burn away a Sunday afternoon. We first wandered around the village and trail behind the village. Then we ate and checked out the floating trail and other half of the lake. There are still paths I haven't been on, so it's exciting that there are still places to explore.

Monday was just a nice day of vegging around the apartment with old friends. A nice cap to a holiday weekend.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Out and About to Chase the Blues Away

It's true that the simplest things can bring us back to ourselves. I have really down since I finished my job at Stockton because it feels impossible to find work at all, let alone something fulfilling and meaningful. Yes, I have dropped applications at retail stores in addition to the endless search for something literary/utilizing my skills and talents. But anyway. I was particularly dpressed today, so I decided to get out and enjoy the fresh air. I've pretty much been camped indoors since we moved in.

So I did a quick Google search of parks in the area, and came across Historic Smithville Park in Eastampton. I packed a lunch, hopped in my car and off I drove. As soon as I got behind the wheel, I felt better. There's just something about driving that relaxes me almost immediately. And since it was about 1:00, the roads weren't congested. As I headed south on Rt. 206, it started to open up to farm land and suburban hills. Beautiful.

After it was pointed out that I sit on the couch in front of my comuter all day (doing jobs apps, emails, and other nonsense), I realized I had become someone I don't like. I really hate a lot about myself these days, and though I try and keep my head and morale up, it's difficult. I need to make changes and I need to start by fixing me. And it sounds stupid, but going back to nature just felt right. Sitting here all day is alone time, but I wind up in a negative haze, and it just seeps into the walls (impressive considering the paint is about five inches thick in here!), and I breathe it in and stay in that funk. Yes, a park to expore was precisely what I needed to clear my head.

The first thing I saw when I pulled into the parking lot was this gorgeous old building. There's a mansion on the park grounds, and I assume this was probably a maid/butler house or something back in its day. I parked and set off to explore the trails. I was especially intrigued by the floating trail that was built over the lake. : )

Meandering along unknown paths and walking over cool bridges made me feel like I was a metaphor...going all these new places, alone, and figuring it out. Why was it so easy to find my way out there, and I can't do that in my real life. Of course, I had a map with me along the trail. I figured on the off chance I'd trip and fall and injure something critical, it was best to have my cell and a map so I could tell the authorities where to find my crumpled body. haha But really, it felt so good. I was breathing in fresh air, I was sweating, and I was feeling like myself again. I was able to see that I am in a rough place, but I was also able to see that I will get through it somehow. Something I've felt for a long time, but something that, in the confines of either my house or the apartment, I just couldn't feel (or believe).

I need to find myself again, and where I fit into this new world. I've been feeling so empty without school or a plan. I've always known what came next, and now I'm overwhelmed with not knowing anything. But for the moment, I feel good. The lungs and muscles got a work out and the mind blew out the cobwebs, too. Of course, my love for photography was renewed, and once again I was reminded that nothing I am good at is marketable. haha Oh, well.
That's all for now. Till next time, folks...

Monday, October 6, 2008

We Have Been to the Fest of Cranberries

At the B-town RiverLine station.

Well the weekend is over, and John went back to work today. His commute was much better: 25 minutes versus the near hour and a half from Hazlet. I stayed here and did some research work for Peter Murphy (little opportunities seem to keep cropping up), and did a bit more online job searching. Mom and Dad stopped by for a bit this afternoon, too, and they both saw the place for the first time fully firnished and functional. I guess cuz I haven't been exposed to many apartments this is what is normal to me, but everyone who comes in has the same first reaction: You have so much space! And we really do. We have our own corners to retreat to when needed.

A little bit of home...for some reason Lucy the Elephant is a weathervane here.

So Sunday morning we had eggs for brekky, and hung out around here settling in some more. Then we went to Farnsworth Ave. for the Cranberry Festival. We had a delicious lunch from the Toscani's vendor. John had a luscious pork sandwich with broccoli rabe and provolone. I had a grilled chicken sammich with fresh mozzerella and roasted red peppers. YUM! After that we went to East Windsor to Super WalMart and Target. And while driving around there we saw signs advertising the Windsor Pumpkin Festival, so hopefully we can check that out this coming weekend. Saturday we plan to check out kitties and see how we need to go about adopting one of our very own. : ) We are in search of Shakespeare.

Here are some photos of the festival and of our new TV stand (with which we fought for over an hour to assemble...grr!)

John fills his flagon at Wild Bill's stand at the festival.

Sorry this is sideways. I'm too lazy to edit it. But this is our media center...and by that I mean the TV is on the thing we almost threw out the window.

John may finally check in with his own post later on tonight. And we're almost--so close!--finished unpacking the few boxes that remain. So as soon as they're all gone, there will be new video tour and photos.

Till next time, end transmission.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

First Night

Hello all, and greetings from my and John's new home! Move in was fun, hard work, and definitely paid off. And we are so glad everyone helped. It was a good way to kinda catch up with family and friends as well as mooch off their muscles. haha So a HUGE thank you to the Egan, Riggi, and Murphy families, Tara and Alex, and Branin and Marissa.

Well. I have a few photos for you. Mind you we are still very much living in boxes and need to get a few key pieces of furniture. The bedroom is complete and just needs to moved into (the furniture is beautiful, and was given to us by John's grandparents, except the bed, which is compliments of Ashely). More photos and video to come as we move in more, but I know you're all just itching to see! So here you go: feast!

My side of the bed (John's is covered in clothes and such). And YES, I need a night light.

Dresser and bureau. Though they weren't meant to, they compliment the bed quite nicely. We really lucked out with everything in this apartment.

Above is my reading nook! I can snuggle with a good book, a cup of tea, and soon kitty!

The inaugural movie is, of course, Star Wars. And what a lovely image to have photographed! haha This couch was donated by Marissa, and I kinda wanna marry her because it's the best couch in the world! : )

TV area. We still need to get a TV stand and a coffee table. But for now, this is just fine.

And our dining room. The kitchen and bathroom are largely unchanged (except there is now food in our kitchen!), so I didn't include those here.

Anyway. Look for a full video tour soon, featuring me and John. And he'll start blogging on here as soon as his dino of a PC is up and running and Internet ready. At the moment I'm using whoever's wireless that my laptop is picking up. Sweet.

Tomorrow we will see to check out the Cranberry Festival! Should be a good time. Then hopefully I can get some pics of our local area, too. But for now, good night all, and love from Btown!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Contemplating the Meaning of Home

I was so anxious last night that I didn't fall asleep until after midnight. It's all just all catching up with me and feels super real now that I've been there and seen it all and half of my belongings are there. My bedroom at home looks weird, and it'll look even stranger after I take it apart further tonight. Remember at the end of the (elementary) school year when all your paintings would come off the walls, and the spelling charts would be thrown away, and all that was left in your desk was pencil shavings? That's what this feels like. My room will still be used, but not by me (except when I come to visit). It's a weird sense of displacement. At the moment, neither feels like home. My house will always be home, but now I'm in the process of making another home that will be mine and John's. It'll be new compromises and new experiences. But it has been exciting to make our own decorating decisions rather that being surrounded by our parents' interior decoration.

Okay, so in lighter news, I know you've all been anxious over the leaky sink...well you can rest easy knowing that by the time John got to the apartment yesterday, there was already a note from maitenance that the faucet was repaired and in perfect health. I was, understandably, incredulous over the speed with which it was fixed, so I made John turn it on and off a few times, and use the fliter then switch back to the sink. haha All seems to be well. As appealing as a pool in our kitchen sounded...

Also, I added John as an author on this site, so once he gets set up you'll be able to keep track of who's writing what. I figure that'd be easier than having to say, "This is Maureen writing" or "This one's from John" and having it signed under both our names.

Stay tuned for more news, and perhaps a hello from John.

PS: I apologize for all the singing in my videos. I know you didn't sign on for a musical. I will try to keep that to a minimun with the videos of a full tour that will come next week sometime. In fact, I'd like to actually feature humans--myself and John--in those videos. It'll be just like HGTV. : )

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Partial Move, Successful!

So this is video I took (of course, complete with my ridiculous narration...which gets more ridiculous in the other videos) of what you would see if you walked into our apartment today.

Moving Day 1 was a great success. We got to B-town a little after 10. Tara and I went to pick up my keys, opened up the place, and Tara and Dad got to feast their eyes on my humble, naked abode. : ) It was, as expected, a striking improvement from the last I saw it. John is on his way there from work as I wrote this (in fact, we're on the phone) to drop off some more stuff and move into his closet. : )

So my anxiety is both sated a little and heightened a little. It's sated because I was finally able to act--see the space, put things in it, get the tons of boxes out of my room and garage!--and I feel more settled now. It's heightened because now it's real: our stuff is there, we'll be there soon enough, too, and the financial responsibility slapped me in the face with a rather heavy hand.

Well, before I get too stressed, I think it's time for another video. This one is of the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

I have to take a minute here to say I love that I can post videos without having to host them somewhere. : ) Happiness. Ugh I am feeling so overwhelmed right now between excitement and sheer terror. But I know things will work out one way or another. And John said I got my first piece of mail! From the DMV regarding my change of address request. Awesome.

Well, one more video before I peace out for now. The next time I write will be Sunday evening, and you'll get photos and videos of the more completed place. And by that I mean with furniture. haha