Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spring Cleaning

In my mind. Of my mind. Lots to do and unload both in the physical world and the world that is within. Thankfully it's only February, so I can procrastinate just a bit more.

I'm eager to get my hands in the dirt and plant the hell out of some ignored planting beds. But first the snow has to melt. And stay melted.

I'm eager to finish our guest room, but first the water damage from a leak needs to be repaired. (Insert denial here.)

I'm eager for cooking outside, or simply being outside and enjoying it, but first we need some warmer temps, and again...for the snow to melt.

In the meantime, I'm getting as much outdoor time as I can stand. I'm eating lots of mason jar salads for lunch. I'm getting back to the gym. I'm baking less (well, spontaneous mug cakes aside) to pay penance for a butter-heavy winter. I'm trying.

I think we are all very ready to shake off the frost, wear fewer layers, and bring out the prettier parts of our wardrobe, the ones that skim and flounce rather than hug and shroud. I miss my toes. They've been buried under 2 (sometimes 3!) layers of socks for so long.

When I've gotten rid of a few mental cobwebs, I'll sit down and talk to you about my mason jar salads and my mug cakes. About my birthday in Philly where I ate all the things. And about how I'mbeyond  ready to dash down to Delaware for John's birthday in April, where we can borrow bicycles from the hotel, sit around the fire pit at the hotel in the evening, walk on the quiet earl-spring beaches and otherwise enjoy the non-routineness of it all.

Until then, I'm sending you warmth. We need it!