Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I'd feel bad about my absence if people actually read this...haha

Hello, faithful readers? Anyone out there? Even if not, this is really just a good exercise for me to keep writing in any capacity I can.

I've got a handful of cookery things to share: St. Patrick's Day, my mom's birthday, Easter, and a cake I made for my boss' birthday at work. Coming up I have my wonderful husband's birthday and a few bridal showers I'm baking for.

On the homefront, when the sting has lessened (and maybe after we win the lottery), I'll share the chronicles of our leaking chimney and our water-damaged guest room. Once we've got that all repaired and shored up, I can FINALLY finish the space. Probably just in time to love it, get pregnant, and have to make it a nursery. Well, forget that--it'll just be a very mature nursery from the get-go. We're thinking of a nautical theme for the guest room, and what future-hypothetical baby wouldn't love to be in a metaphorical ocean surrounded by water pals? I daresay NO baby wouldn't love that! (Were those almost-double negatives confusing?)

Also on the homefront will be more gardening--finally whipping the curb appeal into shape (good news already--the irises I transplanted last year are sprouting up, so I'm hopeful they'll soon lend some gorgeous violet color to the landscape!), and an interior project to make the laundry nook a little safer for Hammy (long story) and a little more functional for me (short story).

And someday when I'm feeling particularly compelled, I'll even tell you all about my sprained back, physical therapy journey, and how I was well enough to run a pretty strong beginning-of-season 5K 2 weeks after the injury.

So lots on the horizon, I'm just a little overwhelmed at finding time to sit down here and do the creative writing I need to in order to make these posts happen. Also, organizing photos. That needs to happen, too.

Stay tuned. I promise I'll be back!

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